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      Translation of a memorandum of association, translation of a contract, translation of articles of association, translation of articles of incorporation, translation of statements (translation of financial statements, translation of accounting statements, translation of an auditor's report) are highly specialized types of translation. If you need to translate a memorandum of association, articles of association, articles of incorporations or bylaws - please contact Legal Translation translation agency. Also contact our translation agency if you need to translate a contract or other documents.

      Translation into English by a native speaker of English is a fairly rare service for Russia. A substantial part of translations into English at Legal Translation translation agency are performed by a native speaker of English (at low prices).

      Translation agencies may extol themselves extensively and at length. However, only your working with a translation agency can enable you to determine the suitability of doing business with them (primarily on the basis of an expert assessment of their translations).

      Our advantages:
1. High quality for reasonable prices.
2. We work with the best translators (who do not work for other Russian translation agencies).
3. Industry leaders among our clients.
4. Working since 1999

     Will perform translations of any level of complexity. Strict quality control. Very careful selection of translators. Expert assessment of the quality of translations. Will notarize our translations.
      A survey of law firms that ordered translations (made not by our translation agency) showed that translations performed, if measured on a 5-point basis, scored from 2 to 4 points and then the clients had a lot to refine. Which means that translations attaining 5 points are rare.

     If you have already ordered translations from other translation agencies, please, send us those translations and we will clearly show you the advantages of working with us. Virtually all translation agencies write on their websites that they have strict quality control, but in fact it turns out that very few are really good at translating. Do not allow yourselves to be misled!

Customer reviews:
     Thanks for your translation. As a person speaking English properly, 
I find that translations performed for us by Legal Translation translation 
agency have been more than adequate.
      I will be truly happy to continue the cooperation.
				   see the review

					Hlopyanov O.V.
					Director General,
					Legal House G77G


     I showed translations made by Legal Translation translation 
agency to U.S. lawyers to evaluate the quality.
     Their opinion was that the quality is excellent.
				   see the review

					Podymaev A.S.
					Director General,
					Ascent-Import, LLC

     Legal Translation translation agency translated from Russian 
into English two of our web-sites:
	We are very happy with the quality of the translation and will be glad 
to place orders with them again.
				   see the review 

					Sekulic Ivan
					Director General
					Apartment Dragana Budva Group
			 	(an analogue of for Yugoslavia)

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